9 effective bodybuilding tips exclusively created for beginners

Perhaps, you want to develop your body and create those bulging muscles just like your favorite celebrity. But it is not possible to develop muscles overnight. Rather, it will take a good amount of patience, lots of hard work and the right strategies to develop muscles.

Tips to follow

  • Compound movements: Stick to some basic movements during the initial stages. Do not be tempted to perform all types of exercises that you come across. Your routine should include military shoulder press, barbell bench press, deadlift, squat, plank, etc.
  • Free weights: Although you will find shiny and fancy machines at the modern gyms, you will not be able to develop a solid muscle mass. When muscle building is concerned, beginners should stick to barbells and dumbbells.
  • Avoid training every day: Your routine should include 3-4 workouts/week. Avoid excessive training as a beginner. Rest other days to help your tired body and muscles to recover.
  • Stick to a program: Do not go by emotions or whatever you know about hitting the gym. Rather, follow a well-planned routine and adhere to it. You will need the guidance of a personal trainer who can help create a program to match your body requirements. It will include the type of exercises to perform the number of sets as well as the number of reps for each set.
  • Correct form of exercise: Always begin with lesser weights and perform them correctly.
  • Train every muscle group weekly: You should not perform less or more excursuses. Rather, try to work out every muscle group present in your body once every week.
  • Be cautious: Always use a safety belt to protect your lower back when using big weights. Otherwise, you may experience severe back problems that will remain for the life-time.
  • Increase weights slowly and steadily: Once you learn how to perform the different exercises correctly, next you should increase weights periodically. Know how much to lift with each exercise. Increase weight slowly after ever two weeks. It will help enhance your strength as well as provide muscle gains.
  • Consume plenty of protein: When muscle building is concerned, your body does require plenty of protein-rich food. Do consume foods like dairy products, milk, eggs, fish, chicken, vegetables, nuts, etc. Nutritionists recommend taking 1 gm protein per body weight pound to derive the best results. You can also include a protein shake.

Following the above is sure to help you develop good muscles quickly and safely.

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