Lifestyle factors to follow to improve your health

Perhaps, you are leading a sedentary lifestyle during this long quarantine period and becoming obese. If you are genuinely concerned with your health, then you need to introduce a few healthy lifestyle changes. Doing so, will enhance your life and also reduce the risks of contracting different types of ailments. To derive a positive impact and enjoy life, you should follow several crucial lifestyle factors.

5 lifestyle factors that you need to adhere to

  • Drink plenty of water: Without food, you can survive for around three weeks. But without water, you will not be able to survive even 7 days. Your body requires plenty of water to function properly. So, you need to drink at least 8 glasses every day to stay hydrated. Do not include beverages, cold drinks and beverages. Water also promotes healthy digestion, hydrating your cells and flushes out harmful toxins. Water also allows you to absorb vital food nutrients.
  • Healthy balanced diet: Your body deserves nutrient-rich food to derive energy. A healthy and well-balanced food reduces the risk of contracting serious lifestyle diseases. Some of them are cancers, diabetes, high blood pressure (hypertension), heart disease, etc. It will also help in your weight-loss efforts. Avoid high caloric fatty diets.
  • Good sleep: You need to have proper sleep for about 8 hours to recharge and regenerate your body. This helps to promote its metabolic functions such as recharging tired and worn out old cells, eliminate toxins and repair damaged cells. Lack of sleep is likely to cause mental and physical health issues.
  • Regular exercise: This does not mean that you need to hit the gym and do serious exercises. Rather, if you have less time, then exercise daily for about half an hour. You are sure to feel healthy and fit. You can perform simple exercises, yoga or meditation. This will help reduce the risks of contracting the cardiovascular disease and heart rate. Your muscles also get strengthened and bone density increases significantly. This, in turn, reduces the risk of contracting osteoporosis during old age. You can also breathe properly and enjoy enhanced lung capacity. You also witness improvement in sleep, moods, mental health and reduced stress levels.
  • Quit alcohol consumption and smoking: Doing so will help you reduce the risks of peptic ulcer disease, coronary artery disease, hypertension, esophageal reflux, delayed wound healing, etc. Also, you can prevent cancer, stroke and high blood pressure.

Following the above will help you and your family to be in good health.

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